About Us

We are a part of that unique group of people, just like you, that have a passion for the automobile. It's what we do. In fact, it's ALL we do!
We specialize in manufacturing the best bodies, using the absolute best parts, for an unmatched quality product.
This hobby we all share is what we specialize in.

Mark Bowman, President of Classic Steel Body, brings a passion for making old new, with over ten years of restoration of vintage vehicles of all makes and models, producing over 100 vehicles sold at Mecum and Barrett-Jackson Auctions around the United States during that time. Among those, he built and sold the then highest selling 21-Window Bus to cross the stage at Barrett-Jackson on a Saturday night in 2016, holding that record until recently. Vintage Volkswagens are his specialty, and is known by many in that circle as “The Volkswagen Guy.” He has a finger on the pulse of the automotive community and is deeply ingrained in that world.

While restoring numerous buses, we recognized the vast difference in the quality of parts on the market. Our personal experience when introduced to the Silver Metal Line while building replica 1959 bus bodies was so powerful that it led us to purchase Classic Steel Body. Over the next four years we oversaw the build of the first six replica buses to be correctly built from ground up here in our Ohio shop. These are now marketed internationally, and we continue to expand our product line to other makes and models.

Prior to this, Mark owned and operated several automotive-related businesses over a thirty-year span, all of which thrived. 

We care about your restoration and we want you to be thrilled with your Classic Steel Body experience. We are a family owned business in the mid-west of the US that strives to produce the best in everything we do.
We look forward to talking to you about your next restoration.
Mark and Kim
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