The Build Process


Each Classic Steel Body starts with the very best metal. Each panel has been completely redesigned and re-engineered with all new tooling to assure the best fit and finish.

Sourcing an original rust-free vehicle is becoming more and more difficult. Many times when you do find one it is expensive and hard to transport across the country. An all new Classic Steel Body is a great solution to investing in a rust-free restoration. Don't put money and time into a vehicle that needs lots of body work and leaves doubt that you have a solid foundation to your build. Our all new steel bodies provide you the reassurance that your restoration is worth the investment.

We use all new steel panels in each body that are completely re-engineered to match the factory OE panels. Our all new tooling sets our panels apart from others on the market that have a subpar fit. Each panel was carefully redesigned using the latest technology and tooling. With millions of dollars in investment and years of work we are able to provide you the best metal fitting available for your classic air cooled Bus. 

Classic Steel Body uses the latest technology, welders and jigs to bring you the most true-to-original bodies on the market. We use full body rotisseries to make sure all of the panels are welded together for a strong, solid, safe built body. We use the industries latest welders and equipment for an accurate and secure hold on all of our welds. This allows us to produce a genuine quality product.

Our expert craftsman are true artisans. With decades of combined experience, each person is factory trained in the specific body they are assembling. Quality, fit and finish are the most important factors when building a Classic Steel Body, for an "as close to factory finish" as possible. Each body is carefully packaged for shipping with a custom base to minimize the risk of damage during transport. Save Time. Save Money. with Classic Steel Body!

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