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How do I register my Classic Steel Body? 

One question we get asked many times is, "How do I register my new body?". This is a fairly easy process that varies from state to state. 
If you don't have an original chassis with title for your vehicle or Manufacturers Certificate of Origin (MSO), you need to register the vehicle as a "Newly Assembled" vehicle within your state of residence. Classic Steel Body does not issue an MSO, but we do issue a Bill of Sale (your invoice) from us or the dealer that you bought the body from. This invoice is considered an MSO by your states DMV (check your local regulations and laws).
In most cases, the Body Number issued by Classic Steel Body for your body will be used as or incorporated into the vehicle identification number (VIN) assigned by your states DMV when you register the vehicle. 
Find out more information on your specific state regulations and laws by visiting the SEMA Action Network's page here:

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